VF 6.94 Fixed-Angle Biosafe Rotor, 6 x 94 mL, 10,000 rpm, 11,872 x g

Product No:C63140

The VF 6.94 is a fixed-angle rotor for the Allegra V-15R benchtop centrifuge designed to centrifuge up to 6 x 94 mL tubes.

Applications for this rotor include density gradient separations of erythrocytes, cell lysate fractions, granules, as well as differential separation of DNA, proteins, and viruses.

¥320,000 (税抜) List Price - ¥320,000

Product Specifications

Platform Allegra
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (General Purpose)
Angle 25°
Maximum RPM 10,000 rpm
k-Factor 2,803
Number of Tubes 6x94 mL / x
Nominal Capacity 564 mL
rMAX 106
rMIN 35
rAV 70.5 mm
BioSafe Yes - With BioSafe Lids
Materials Anodized Aluminum

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