Biomekピペットチップは、市販されている中でBiomek自動ワークステーション(4000、FXP、NXP、i5/i7など)での使用について検証・承認を受けた唯一のチップです。0.5 μLから1 mLまでの容量をご用意しています。メソッドを開発しやすいよう、Biomekソフトウェアには色分けされたチップラックアイコン、チップの寸法、分注手法が事前に搭載されています。さらにベックマン・コールター ライフサイエンスでは、ヒト・マウスのDNAフリー、DNアーゼ/RNアーゼフリー、微量金属フリー、パイロジェン/エンドトキシンフリーなど各種生物学的認証を取り揃えており、チップは100%プレミアムグレードの未使用ポリプロピレンのみを使用して製造しています。滅菌チップの滅菌は、特に核酸の取り扱い時に放射能よりも優れていることがわかっている処理法を用いて酸化エチレンにより滅菌しています。

Biomek Pipette Tips by Volume Capacity

P1000 Biomek Pipette Tip


Pipette large volumes with ease.

Maximum volume:

iSeries 1070 μL | with filter 1025 μL    

FX/NX 1070 μL | with filter 1025  μL

5 racks/case

Great for applications where you need to aspirate large volumes, perfect for bead mixing for bead-based chemistry, large reservoir mixing, cell culture, cell plating and sucrose gradients

P250 Biomek Pipette Tip


The Workhorse.

Maximum volume:

iSeries 230 μL | with filter 190 μL   

FX/NX 220 μL | with filter 125 μL | Span-8 190 μL

Great for genomics workflows and drug discovery applications, serial dilutions, ELISA and cell staining. Wide-bore edition supports 3D cell culture applications. 

P50 biomek tips automation


Experience less clipping and dead volume with our P50 tips. Plus, the longer tip barrel makes it more suitable for accessing tubes, leading to lower contamination risk

Maximum volume:

iSeries 90 μL | with filter 50 μL   

FX/NX 90 μL | with filter 50 μL

Ideal for genomics applications, TST 170, Nexterra Flex, NGS library prep, Axiom, proteomics (protein digest) and compound addition.

Not available for the Biomek 2000, not available in wide-bore

P30 biomek automation tip


Sheer Throughput.

Maximum volume: 

iSeries 30 μL | with filter 25 μL 

Great for high-throughput screening. 

Not available for the Biomek 2000, 3000, or 4000. Not available in conductive or wide-bore options. 

P30 Tip- Biomek automation tips


A longer version of our P30.

Maximum volume:

iSeries 50 μL | with filter 40 μL

Also great for high-throughput screening. 

Not available for Biomek 2000, 3000, 4000. Not available in conductive or wide-bore options. 


P20 biomek tips automation


Old reliable.

Maximum volume:

iSeries 80 μL | with filter 40 μL    

FX/NX 80 μL | with filter 40 μL

Ideal for genomics (NGS) applications with lower volume needs. 

Not available in wide-bore.

Features for Your Workflows

Conductive tips enable liquid-level sensing. For when your sample size is very small, it allows you to reduce the amount of wetted surface and preserve your valuable samples. 



Worried about contamination? Prevent it by choosing pipette tips with a filter. Our sterile filter option is our most trusted in the U.S.


Sterile tips are sterilized with ethylene oxide, a process that has shown to be superior to radiation, especially when working with nucleic acids, and critical to low-volume pipetting accuracy.

Wide bore

Use wide bore tips for applications where maintaining DNA and cell integrity is essential. Wide bore tips reduce velocity when aspirating and dispensing, reducing strain on cells and thus, making them less likely to lyse. More, your viscous liquid won't clog these tips. 

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