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Access Dual Robot System(DRS)は、コンパクトなモジュール方式ながら、高性能・ハイスループットのプラットフォームです。Echoリキッドハンドラーを用いたサンプル管理ワークフロー向けに設計・最適化されています。Echo® 650 シリーズのリキッドハンドラーに対応している唯一のオートメーションプラットフォームであり、アコースティックサンプルチューブからassay-readyプレートを作製することが可能です。業界最先端のデバイスとソフトウエアを、エルゴノミクスデザインおよび環境管理オプションと組み合わせることで、サンプルの保存からアッセイまでを一括で管理できる使いやすいソリューションを提供します。

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Access Systems Access to Devices for Automation

Video: Access Dual Robot System for Acoustic Sample Management


This is a workflow video of the Access Dual Robot System (DRS) by Labcyte. The Access DRS is a compact, modular, high-capacity, high-throughput platform, designed and optimized for the use of Echo Liquid Handlers in sample management workflows. It is the only automation platform on the market compatible with the Echo 655T Liquid Handler, enabling the production of assay-ready plates from acoustic sample tubes. The system combines industry-leading devices and software with ergonomic and environment management options to provide a complete, easy-to-use, store-to-assay sample management solution.

Workflows and Software

FluidX™ AcousticX™ Sample Tube by Brooks Life Sciences

The FluidX AcousticX Sample Tube (FAST) transforms sample management workflows by enabling acoustic dispensing directly from tubes. The meticulous tube design features a revolutionary cap to increase automated capping cycles from 15 to over 500 cycles, a DMSO resistant gasket to reduce hydration and evaporation, and replicate 2D barcodes that provide a clear path for acoustic energy to pass through to the sample.

  • FluidX AcousticX Sample Tube(FAST)Maximum throughput and uptime for Echo Liquid Handler integrations
  • Superior flexibility in a compact footprint
  • Ergonomically designed and certified for laboratory use 

FluidX™ AcousticX™ Sample Tube an Echo Qualified Consumable

  • Echo models: 655T and 650T
  • Working volume: 15 - 70 µL*
  • Dead volume (Echo): < 15 µL

*Working volume is dependent on acoustic liquid handling technology and fluid type 

TEMPO 2.0 Automation Control Software

Access Systems Mosaic Software AutomationWith TEMPO 2.0 Software, Access DRS operators can easily coordinate plate handling tasks, manage consumable inventories, and report information in real time to LIMS or databases. Like previous versions, TEMPO 2.0 Software remains the only automation software that readily imports protocols from Echo Software Applications, simplifying protocol setup and schedule optimazation.  

Mosaic TFM by Titian Software

The Mosaic Tempo Fullfilment Module (MTFM) from Titian Software combines the scheduling power of TEMPO 2.0 Software with the inventory management expertise of Mosaic sample management software. This new model for Mosaic software captures the exact transfer and survey volumes as well as sample concentrations reported by Echo Liquid Handlers. Combined with sample lifecycle information, Mosaic software can better track sample distribution, freeze thaw cycles, and tube decap/cap operations to monitor sample integrity and utilization.

  1. Create order using Mosaic software
  2. Retrieve samples from storage
  3. Process order on Access DRS
  4. Report sample and process information

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