Windows 10 のアップグレード作業を簡素化します。

Windows 7 のサポートは 2020 年 1 月 14 日をもちまして終了しました。

Windows 7のサポート終了は何を意味しますか?

Microsoft は、Windows 7 のソフトウェアまたはセキュリティ更新プログラムを提供しなくなります。 また、技術サポートおよび関連サービスも徐々に中止されます。 2020 年 1 月 14 日以降に Windows 7 を実行すると、データ侵害、データ損失、またはシステム障害に対して脆弱になります。


システムの 50% 以上で古いオペレーティングシステムを実行している組織は、侵害を受ける可能性が 3 倍高くなります1


世界的に、データ侵害の平均ビジネス損失は 390 万ドルとなっています2


侵害を特定して封じ込めるまでに平均 279 日かかる場合があります2


専門家は、2021年までランサムウェア攻撃が平均 11 秒ごとに発生すると予測しています3

当社のサポートでWindows 10 への移行はダウンタイムを最小限に抑えることができます。


Windows 10 への移行中、右側のサービスを含めることで、システムが最高のパフォーマンスで動作していることを確認します。

ソフトウェア検証: Windows 10 互換ソフトウェアの最新バージョンにアップグレードします。

システム検証: お客様のソフトウェアとシステムが正常に動作し、動作していることを確認します 。

再認定(OQ): GxP 要件を満たすために、システムが仕様どおりに動作し続けていることを認定し、証明書を発行します。(別途有償)


Biomek ユーザー


Vi-CELL MetaFLEX ユーザー


Vi-CELL XR ユーザー



For some instruments, this option may be available. Please visit the product-specific upgrade pages for detail. In general, performing the Windows 10 upgrade on your own or using an unauthorized computer to control your instrument increases the risks of getting unexpected instrument and software malfunctions which may not be covered by the instrument’s warranty or service plan. Some of these unexpected malfunctions may not be supportable as well.

Yes, you should. Many data storage devices such as a USB flash drive can carry and spread viruses and other malicious software which means your controller PC can still be vulnerable to security risks when it is not connected to a network or the internet.

Our goal is to offer you peace of mind with an all-inclusive Windows 10 upgrade solution for the specific Beckman Coulter instrument. We also want to ensure all instrument operations perform as designed after the upgrade. Therefore, the upgrade package varies by instrument. It’s important to note that not every older Beckman Coulter instrument has a Windows 10 upgrade path. Please visit the product-specific upgrade pages for detail.

Your existing Windows 7 (or older version like Windows XP) controller PC may still work with the instrument but, once again, the risks of a security breach and viral infection will be higher. In addition, the Windows 7 replacement PCs will become less and less available after Microsoft ends Windows 7 support.

A Windows 10 upgrade is considered a major change of your instrument which means the instrument will need to be re-qualified. If your instrument is covered under a service plan that includes OQ re-qualification (OQ Protective and OQ Comprehensive service plans, for example), simply contact your service representative after the Windows 10 upgrade for scheduling a re-qualification visit. If your instrument is not covered under a service plan or your service plan does not include OQ, we recommend adding a re-qualification service to your Windows 10 upgrade purchase so your instrument can stay OQ-qualified for meeting regulatory requirements.

It is a computer that controls your Beckman Coulter Life Sciences instrument.

Many Beckman Coulter Life Sciences instruments were sold with a validated controller PC that operates on Windows 7. Microsoft ended its 10-year support commitment for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, which means its technical assistance, including updates that help protect against security risks and viruses, will no longer be available. Upgrading your instrument’s controller PC to Windows 10 will help minimize these risks and sustain optimal performance of your instrument. Controller PCs that are not networked or connected to the internet can also have security risks if not upgraded to Windows 10.