11mm Diameter Microcentrifuge Tube Adapter, Quantity of 12

Product No:364701

Adapters for Tubes in Beckman Coulter Rotors for use in Benchtop Centrifuge Rotors: F1202, F2402H, F3602, TA-15-1.5, FX301.5, SX241.5. For use in Microcentrifuge Rotors: F241.5, F301.5, S241.5. Required Adapter for Tubes: (part # 357448) 1.5 mL Polypropylene Tube with Snap-on Cap (part # 340196) 1.5 mL Polyethylene Tube with Snap-on Cap (part # 343169) 1.5 mL Polypropylene Tube, Plain, Separate Cap

¥14,100 (税抜) List Price - ¥14,100

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