Cytobank Scientific Services: Maximize Your Insights

Cytobank Scientific Services provides fast, expert analysis of high- parameter, single-cell, bulk and integrated datasets.

Our team can offer:

  • Novel discoveries with expert machine learning analysis of
    • Single-cell data (e.g., flow or mass cytometry)
    • Cross-data type integration
    • Non-cytometry data (e.g., single-cell RNA-seq or CITE-seq data)
  • Tailored analysis strategies for your specific experimental considerations
  • Customized analysis pipelines and training that you can continue to use in future analysis projects

Work Together with Experts to Achieve the Best Results


Work together to define:

  • Scientific questions and/or clinical research context
  • Overall analysis goals
  • Experimental and data details
  • Special considerations
  • Deliverables
  • Timelines

Cytobank Scientific Services:

  • Conduct analyses
  • Interpret data
  • Generate figures, presentations and reports


  • Meet to discuss results and insights and update plans for future steps


  • Review summary presentation & discuss next steps

We can support you with:


Discovery and exploration

  • Identify all possible populations from your panel
  • Discover significant biomarkers between groups of samples

Guided analysis using prior knowledge

  • High-throughput analysis for large scale/longitudinal studies using templates
  • Report defined population abundance/marker intensity endpoints for clinical studies

What we help you address:

Project Hurdle Cytobank Solution
Large panel with hundreds of reportable cell populations Automated cell identification and phenotyping pipeline
Large project with chaotic data (e.g, CyTOF data) Systematic & automated QC plan
Biology nested in batch effects Data normalization & analysis plan to mitigate and assess batch effects
Heterogeneity in cell populations across samples Selection & implementation of appropriate statistical analysis method
Presence of previously undefined cell populations Unsupervised machine learning method that doesn’t rely on prior knowledge
Repeated analysis using traditional, manual methods Automate templated analysis and reporting

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