GenFind V3


GenFind V3はSPRI磁性ビーズを用いた、血液(全血、血漿、血清)からのDNA抽出に対応する試薬キットです。血液サンプルからのRNA抽出はRNAdvance Blood、血漿・血清からのcfDNA抽出はApostle MiniMax™ cfDNAがそれぞれ対応製品となります。

  • 血液(全血、血漿、血清)400μLから、高品質・高収量なDNA抽出。
  • 抗凝固剤や凍結保存の影響を受けづらく、PCRやNGSなどのアプリケーションにも最適。
  • 追加プロトコルで、ろ紙血、だ液、洗口液、細菌などからのDNA抽出に対応。




GenFind V3 ワークフロー

Genomics GenFind V3 Workflow



GenFind V3で抽出されたゲノムDNAは分解が少なく、長鎖DNAが必要なPCRなどの下流解析に最適。

GenFind V3は、クエン酸塩、EDTA、ヘパリンなどの抗凝固剤やその他夾雑物を効率的に除去。


Application Uses Genomic DNA extraction from whole blood
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material Blood
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced C34880


DNA extraction from Zeesan@ Saliva DNA sample collection kit using GenFind V3 Saliva contains buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells which provide rich genetic data. Due to the easy access and non-invasive character, saliva is an alternative to blood collection. Here we present a high-quality, DNA extraction method from saliva using GenFind V3.
Extraction of DNA from Mucoid Bacteria using GenFind V3 This protocol reduces viscosity due to the presence of exopolysaccharides and decreases the amount of polysaccharide in the final eluate.
DNA extraction from fresh/frozen tissue using GenFind V3 This provides a solution that allows a user to use one kit to extract DNA from multiple sample types with small modifications in the workflow.
Whole Blood DNA Extraction from PAXgene Blood DNA Tube using GenFind V3 Here we show that the GenFind V3 protocol can process whole blood directly from PAXgene™ Blood DNA Tubes with no centrifugation step necessary
DNA Extraction from Filamentous Fungi using GenFind V3 This protocol provides two other methods for lysis that are more automation friendly and we show that they produce results that are very similar to the industry standard of bead beating.