RNAdvance Viral


RNAdvance ViralはSPRI磁性ビーズを用いた、スワブ輸送液やだ液からのウイルスRNA抽出に対応する試薬キットです。Proteinase K処理とWashバッファーによる洗浄を行うプロトコルを採用しているため、簡易的な抽出キットより収量・精製度が高くなっているのが特徴です。

  • 抽出したウイルスRNAは、NGS, PCRなどの解析に使用可能
  • だ液・スワブ輸送液 200μLからのRNA抽出に対応
  • 低コストかつ自動処理に対応し、96ウェルプレートでのハイスループット抽出に好適





RNAdvance Viral ワークフロー

RNAdvance Viral XPを用いたウイルス検体ワークフローからのRNAの単離



RNAdvance Viralによるだ液およびスワブ輸送液からのRNAの抽出。


RNAdvance Viralで抽出したRNAは、PCR解析での使用に好適。ウイルスRNA 1 copy/μL検出の実現を抽出でサポート。




Application Uses Research Use, RNA Isolation, RNA Extraction, Nucleic Acid Sample Prep, PCR
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material Saliva and Swab in Universal Transport Media
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced C63510

動画:RNAdvance Viral の開発経緯と迅速な製品提供


Robust and High-Throughput SARS-CoV-2 Viral RNA Detection, Research, and Sequencing using RNAdvance Viral and the OT-2 Platform Application Note: We present analytical data showing the SARS-CoV-2 limit of detection (LoD) quantified by qRT-PCR and sequence alignment data that establishes proof of principle for automated sequencing sample and library preparation for possible genetic identification of mutated strains.
Viral RNA Extraction Performance using RNAdvance Viral Supplemental Protocol In this application note we present a research study at Miami Cancer Institute in collaboration with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences using the RNAdvance Viral research reagents described in the Viral Nucleic Acid extraction from swabs using RNAdvance Viral supplemental protocol.
High-throughput qPCR and RT-qPCR Workflows Enabled by Beckman Coulter Echo Acoustic Liquid Handling and NEB® Luna® Reagents Application Note: We show that NEB Luna qPCR reagents offer strong performance in high-throughput qPCR applications and are readily compatible with automated reaction setup, here using the Beckman Echo 525 acoustic liquid handler.
Viral RNA Extraction from Saliva and Swab Samples Data Sheet and Performance: SPRI technology enables purification of high-quality RNA with demonstrated compatibility with up to 200 μL of saliva or swab transport media. The protocol can be performed in a single tube or 96-well format with the flexibility to automate on a variety of liquid handling platforms.
Optimize Sample Purification with the Biomek i5 Nucleic Acid Solution Flyer: The Biomek i5 Nucleic Acid Solution combines industry leading automation technology and proprietary SPRI-based chemistry to deliver optimized purification methods for a variety of sample types.


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