J-LITE JLA-8.1000 Fixed-Angle Aluminum Rotor- 6 x 1,000 mL, 8,000 rpm, 15,970 x g

Product No:363688

For use in Avanti J-26 XP Series and Avanti J-26S Series centrifuges.

Major applications: General purpose, large-volume processing, pelleting of bacteria, cell organelles, viruses, and precipitates.

Empty rotor weight: 16.8 kg (37 lb)

Package Includes

Part Number Description: Product 969328, 969329. JLA-8.1000 Rotor; Product 363563, 363686. Lid with removable canisters 363680, A98812. Cap/Closure with PC Auto Vent Plug Assembly 392574.

Labware Kit Includes: Bottle Rack, Spatula, Tool Kit (bottle grip and wrench).


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¥2,276,000 (税抜) List Price - ¥2,276,000

Product Specifications

Platform Avanti
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (High Performance)
Angle 20
Maximum RPM 8,000 rpm
Max g-Force 15,970.00
k-Factor 2,482
Number of Tubes 6x1000 mL / 95x191 mm(6x1000 mL / 4x8 in)
Nominal Capacity 6000 mL
rMAX 222.8
rMIN 119
rAV 171 mm
BioSafe Bio-Certified
Materials Anodized Aluminum
Package Quantity 1

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