AQUIOS CL Software Release Notes


June 2023


AQUIOS CL Software version is an update to version This version changes how to query syringe pumps to ensure they do not reach an error state.

What’s new

Syringe Pump Communication Error

Communication between a new generation of syringe pumps and the AQUIOS CL System can intermittently fail, causing the instrument to stop processing samples queued for analysis.

Root cause and solution

The AQUIOS CL Software intermittently enters an unexpected error state, which locks the software waiting for the pump to respond, but the pump never returns a valid response.

AQUIOS CL Software was optimized to eliminate this potential failure, including pump query frequency, sequence, and error handling.

What has been fixed

  • The AQUIOS CL Software to change command on how to query syringe pump and to add a timer to ensure the syringe pump does not reach an error state.
  • Set the executables for AQUIOS, AQTools and ADS2 Software to Windows 7 compatibility mode.

End of support of prior versions

With the release of version software support for prior versions of AQUIOS CL Software is discontinued.

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