Here’s your chance to tour a cleanroom without putting on personal protective equipment! Discover our new technology to enhance cleanroom monitoring. You can also visit our virtual QC lab to learn about technologies for cell culture and bioprocessing, drug stability testing, final product QC and more.

Watch informative videos, download brochures and infographics or chat live with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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Products Available

You can learn about these products while touring this virtual cleanroom and bio/pharma QC lab:

  • NEW! MET ONE 3400+ Portable Air Particle Counter
  • HIAC 9703+ Pharmaceutical Particle Counter
  • QbD1200 Laboratory TOC Analyzer
  • PAT700 TOC/Conductivity Analyzer
  • Optima AUC, Analytical Ultracentrifuge
  • LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyzer (for powders/liquids)
  • Vi-CELL BLU Cell Counting/Viability Analyzer
  • MetaFLEX Bioanalyzer
  • Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter

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