Inspire Diversity and Inclusion at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

What does DE+I mean at all Danaher companies?

It means the opportunity to join any or all of Danaher’s Associate Resource Groups (ARGs).

These associate-led alliances reinforce our shared purpose, and elevate our ability to develop, include and engage associates.

Current ARGs include:

  • Asian Descent + Friends
  • Black + Friends
  • LatinX + Friends
  • LGBTQ + Friends
  • Women + Friends
  • Women + Friends Europe
  • Women + Friends China
  • Women + Friends India
  • Women + Friends Latin America

The Danaher vision for DE+I is inspired by the conviction that increasing and leveraging diversity will help create a collaborative work environment and therefore more innovation and growth. We support the growth of diverse talent, and we want to ensure a consistently equitable playing field.

It means working for a company that is proud to have won these recent awards:

Learn more about Danaher’s commitment to DE+I